Meditation with a mantra

How to use a mantra, a special phrase, as a focus for the mind during meditation, and to infuse the body with its energy

Meditation using a mantra

Meditation with a mantra

Guided process into meditation using a mantra

When we meditate with a mantra, we use a word or several words to provide us with a focus in meditation. Like the use of the breath, it gives the mind something to focus on, rather than getting caught up in thoughts. Moreover the sound of the mantra resonates within and gradually infuses the body with its energy. Often these mantras have an ancient origin, like the one in the recording here, and have been used by millions of people over the ages.

This mantra, “So’ham” or “Hamsa”, means “I am That”. It honours the Self within.

You repeat “Ham” on the in-breath and “Sa” on the out-breath. Following the in-breath you take your focus to your heart centre (or chakra) as you say “Ham”. As you breathe out you follow the breath with the word “Sa”.

With practice, at the end of the in-breath you pause for a tiny moment, with your awareness in your heart centre. As you breathe out, there is again an infinitely small pause at the end of the out-breath.

If you get caught up in thoughts, become aware of that and bring your awareness back to your mantra. Keep doing that if necessary.

Notice and enjoy the feelings of peace, calm and Self-belief that can come with this practice over time.

To practice the meditation

First find a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be interrupted and can sit comfortably in an upright posture, feet evenly placed on the floor, the “small” of the back supported, and hands on your lap.

When you are ready, play the recording and, when it has finished, continue in the mediation for at least 10 minutes. With practice you can expand this time as it suits you.

To access the recording, click here: