About us

The Empowering Partnership is a not-for-profit Association specialising in personal development. Its directors are John Gloster-Smith and Akasha Lonsdale. We are a husband-and-wife team.

About John Gloster-Smith

I am a writer, educator and facilitator. I regularly coach clients (in English) on a not-for-profit basis.

John Gloster-Smith
John Gloster-Smith

In my background I have coached members of the Senior Civil Service and senior managers in British and European businesses and have facilitated a wide range of learning and development programmes.

I have taught politics and history at leading English public schools and was for 10 years the Director of the History and Politics faculty and latterly also the Director of School Examinations. I have a BA Honours degree (2:1) in Modern History and a PGCE, both from Oxford University.

I also extensively studied Gestalt Therapy at the Metanoia Institute in London. Thus I bring to my work a knowledge of History and Politics, a skill in detailed research, a strength in designing and facilitating learning experiences, and an ability to listen to and observe people in their personal, social and organizational contexts, and work with awareness to support insight, understanding, growth and change.

Mindfulness and meditation

The material on this site about mindfulness and meditation is provided to support those who need it during these challenging times.

About Akasha Lonsdale

Akasha Lonsdale
Akasha Lonsdale

Who am I?

If I were a stick of rock I’d have three things stamped inside:

•    Contribution
•    Integrity
•    Communication

And it would all be wrapped around with a healthy dose of humour and wisdom.

Why am I?

Probably because of early troubles I was always passionate about people and what makes us tick.
Having studied psychology as part of my senior career in Human Resources, I then went deeper throughout a 3 year training to become a psychotherapist.  It was also the start of an ongoing journey of personal growth

Part of that journey was also linked with additional training in stress management and emotional intelligence.  What I learnt about the connection between stress, illness and communication was a revelation that led me to create a unique training and executive mentoring program that was welcomed by numerous blue-chip companies.

3d man with ABC cubes

It also empowered me to change how I communicate and enabled me to work with thousands of people who achieved these ABC results at home and work:

•    Authentic Relationships
•    Brilliant health and wellbeing
•    Confident and strong connections

Marriages were saved, promotions achieved and new avenues explored.  They were happy, I was happy!