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The Empowering Partnership

We’re going through a period of enormous change at both the planetary and personal levels. The multitude of challenges that face us can seem very daunting.

Some who are thinking more deeply are however asking questions we perhaps never thought we’d have to face, and maybe feel ill-equipped to do so.

Yet we need the skills and resilience to do it, so that we can meet these challenges in awareness and with integrity and purpose.

For the Empowering Partnership it begins with the core skill of Awareness.

We aim to provide support and tools to help people successfully manage these changes for themselves and their families, businesses and communities.

Here below are some such tools:

A blog by John Gloster-Smith
Life coaching

Why do we use as our strap line, awareness, integrity and purpose?

It’s in part because we’ve seen how people who develop powerful awareness know who they are and what works for them, and by extension for others around them.

They act in line with their values but they have found through awareness that these are also core values for most of humanity and that in essence we are all one. We just don’t fully know it yet.

People with awareness can therefore act as leaders to make the difference that is today arguably needed.

Hence they also need purpose, a clarity of direction and where it’s taking them and why they are doing it. This is the real difference that many today think the world needs.

As Rumi once said, “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”